Printed Binders Mean Business

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Businesses that are looking for that extra edge to showcase company information should consider having specially printed binders made. With so many different types, colours and textures of binders available, knowing what options to choose from when ordering custom binders will help you make a more informed decision.
Make a Statement with Printed Binders
The most visually appealing binders are the ones that go the extra mile for both function and overall look. Since the binder will show off the company's personality, there are a few things to consider when taking the extra steps towards customized presentation perfection such as the following suggestions:
  • Binder accessories – the best binders have add-ons to protect documents and keep them organized. Index tabs will break up information information into smaller chunks for improved reading.
  • Debossing - creates a visual guideline for the eye that makes the reader think they can jump right into the design. When applied to a binder, debossing compels the reader to open the cover because it makes them feel like they're being pulled in. It is recommended that only the most important texts and simple pictures are debossed to not detract from this effect; for example, a real estate binder with a debossed front door design makes it look like you're stepping into a house.
  • Foil stamping – adds a unique touch to custom designed binder. Foil stamping is the process of applying heat and pressure through a metal plate created from artwork to transfer metallic or coloured foil onto the material surface. In fact, metallic embossed designs create the illusion of actual metal, which makes your binder both visually striking and professional looking. Many different colours are available with either a shiny or matte finish depending on the desired look.
  • Digital printing – this technique creates a striking result. Colour digital printing is designed to accurately reproduce colour photographs, pictures and graphics. Use pictures of your product or a bold design that is truly unique to your brand versus clip art or stock photos.
  • Screen printing – most well known for use on t-shirts, screen printing is a versatile way of printing that allows the use of opaque inks on a wide variety of materials like vinyl and plastic binders for example. Screen printing can be especially effective if you want to print colour on a dark base, such as a dark blue, black, or red binder.
  • Metal corners – adding a touch of metal can bring out the luxury in certain design components to make them appear shinier. Metal corners will also make the binder sturdier and longer lasting.
  • Eco-friendly – binders that are fully recyclable show a company's commitment to the environment and reducing the carbon footprint. These binders can also be used again and again since the information can easily be switched out.
Binders that Stand out in a Crowd
Custom presentation binders can help distinguish your company from its competitors. Unique binders that use eye-catching designs are a great way to differentiate your company and help it to break away from the competition. One-of-a kind printed binders will help give a company a distinct identity.